Brain Mapping or Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG)

A digital analysis of the electrical activity of the brain and a non-invasive procedure using a cap (much like a swim cap) to record brainwave activity that is digitally processed, analyzed and converted into colored maps. The maps portray levels of brain activity at various locations and indicate your brain’s performance and function. Your brain patterns will then be compared with normal patterns for age and gender per a normative database using z-scores.

  • Brain mapping allows the trained clinician to see your unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses.  Some areas of the brain may have too little or too much activity or are not coordinating together as well as they could.  Once the brain map is analyzed we can use the qEEG to create a neurofeedback training program for the initial assessment and to track your progress through your neurofeedback sessions.
  • Brain mapping accomplishes the above by identifying brainwave patterns.  Components of these patterns include amplitude, frequency, location, coherence, and phase.  All of the above are indicators of optimal mental functioning.
  • Brain mapping is recommended prior to neurofeedback sessions to guide training. It is used as a road map to specifically locate problematic areas in the brain much as a GPS device assists with finding a location.   Old Market Neurotherapy will tailor specific and individually designed neurofeedback protocols for the best balanced brain outcome. A full color visual report will be provided to you with detailed information. A follow-up brain map may be recommended after brain training.
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