“Mindsets” are made, not born. We develop and monitor our world according to our perception or interpretation of the world. Mindsets frame the running account that’s taking place in our heads.  These belief systems, positively or negatively, become stronger based on the ones that we pay attention to or feed.

Mindsets can be described as “fixed”, static and unchanging or “growth” mindset which is attuned to implications for learning and constructive action. As an example, for the fixed mindset a characteristic like intelligence is pre-determined whereas in the growth mindset intelligence can be developed.

So, it follows that with a fixed mindset, challenges are avoided, one gets defensive or gives up easily, effort is fruitless, takes offense to negative feedback, feels threatened and achieves less than potential. Alternatively, in the growth mindset one learns to embrace challenges, persists in adverse conditions, masters one’s effort, learns from criticism, and finds lessons and inspiration in the world around them.

AND so it is for all skills required for successful, healthy and balanced living including learning social skills, developing relationships and managing our moods. We can all learn to develop the mindset to fulfill our potential in relationships, academics, work and family life.

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