Nutrition Coaching Referral

Our dietary habits and selection of foods will determine whether we have the capacity to manufacture the essential key components for necessary brain function from a cell reproduction model. On the list to be eaten are foods with amino acids, essential fatty acids such as Omega-3, protein and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron to increase and sustain brain cell activity. In reverse, eating certain carbohydrates, sugary foods, caffeine or nicotine are immediately absorbed into the brain cells and activate a temporary increase of brain cell activity by stimulating the Central Nervous System (CNS). However, that immediate pick-me-up is followed by drowsiness, irritability and disorganization which set the stage for impaired attention and concentration. And the cycle begins again!

  • Nutrition does matter! What we eat will determine whether we have the micro and macro nutrients to function appropriately and successfully in our life. In reverse, should we unknowingly or deliberately eat foods that adversely affect our brain, our ability to attend, think and control our emotions will be compromised.
  • Nutrition involves specific dietary recommendations such as screening for common food allergies, immune issues or nutritional deficiencies. All clients at Old Market Neuortherapy are encouraged to follow through with a consultation for nutritional counseling for a “holistic and natural approach to health care”. Contact information provided by Old Market Neurotherapy.
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